Feeling the Need for a Self Spring Cleaning?

Anxious. Overloaded. Instability. Emotional Upheaval. Noticing any of this in your own life? There is a lot of this floating around these days, with no end in sight. How are you navigating all of this?

Just like spring cleaning your home, you can spring clean your energy field bringing you into greater balance.

The EMF balancing technique is an approach to restoring energy balance that is somewhat different from other types of energy work. While most alternative healthcare treatments are focused on bringing about some type of emotional or physical healing, the EMF balancing technique is aimed at restoring the proper flow of energy through the electromagnetic field in order to achieve a proper balance.

The sessions offered here clear, clean and strengthen your field so you can stand in your core strength and move forward in a balanced way. This is a gentle way to clear old patterns from the system directly and efficiently.

What I’d like you to experience

  • An increased sense of freedom and clarity

  • An increased ability to cope with ongoing stress

  • Increased feelings of deep peacefulness and well-being

  • An increased ability to manage your personal energy at all times

  • An opportunity to live your truth, your path, your joy and your unique flavor of brilliance

In the first session, we clear and balance the major chakras in the front and back of the body. Clearing these chakras will help free you from past events, emotions and feelings that continue to trigger your day-to-day life. You will find it easier to utilize the wisdom of both head and heart in decision making and more balanced emotional and mental states. This session assists you in living with greater freedom as the wisdom (not trauma) of past experiences shows up.

In the second session, the minor energy chakras, which are the joints of the body, will be cleared. This will allow for greater flow of energy and stronger presence, creating a greater sense of peace and an overall feeling of being more at home in your own body. Plus, any fear and worry will be cleared, whether they are conscious or unconscious. The energy can then be redirected towards your hopes, dreams and wishes, assisting you in strengthening your focus to manifest and accomplish exactly what you want in life.

Interested? If you would like to see a short introductory video, there is one on my Guided Discoveries Page.

These sessions are offered as guided sessions and yes, they will still work through the transmission of the audio technology.  There are 2 audio sessions, 37 - 48 minutes each in length. Also included is the Spiral Sweep Meditation which guides the energy through your skeletal system, brain, endocrine system, chakra system and energy field. It’s a wonderful stand alone practice and/or used prior to the Sessions themselves, which I’d recommend.

Energetic Spring Cleaning
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