Feeling the Need for a Self Spring Cleaning?

Perhaps you’ve notice people who just seem to be more alive and ‘on top of things’ than others; they have more energy, more depth, more insight, more joy and they’re more fun to be around. You’ve probably felt that too, although maintaining that level of aliveness has perhaps been a challenge.

Perhaps you feel like you’re moving through mud – everything takes more effort than it should and it’s getting harder and heavier to move through. And you wonder if it is all worth the effort. And you ponder what it is you really want.

You want to regain and/or maintain your sparkle and aliveness – your enthusiasm for life – and you can!

Thinking positive thoughts helps, of course, but it isn’t really doing the full job. When 70% of your being feels out-of-sorts with life, putting a 10% Positive Thought band-aid on top just can’t shift everything by itself. There are habits of thought, memories and a myriad of places you automatically feed with your energy without conscious awareness.

When your beautiful sparkle shines brightly it has a positive impact on everyone and everything you are involved with, which then ripples out into the world. And that’s a beautiful gift to yourself, others and all of life.

What I’d like you to experience

  • An increased sense of freedom and clarity

  • An increased ability to cope with ongoing stress

  • Increased feelings of deep peacefulness and well-being

  • An increased ability to manage your personal energy at all times

  • An opportunity to live your truth, your path, your joy and your unique flavor of brilliance

Many people are familiar with the Chakra System. With the EMF Balancing sessions, we are working not only with your Chakra system but with an extension of it called your Lattice.  Everyone has one but the strength, fluidity and development differs person to person. Through these sessions we will balance and harmonize your chakra centers, create better flow through your energetic pathways and clear your field of those things that drain your energy so that you can utilize that energy for those things you desire in your life.

This package of Phases, or sessions, are like a ‘spring cleaning’ for your chakras and electro-magnetic field. They will clean, clear and balance, helping you build a more conscious, empowered life.

  • Session 1 combines Phase I and Phase II

    • Phase I - Wisdom and Emotions -This session releases stress and establishes a new pattern of well-being by releasing the internal conflict so you can use the wisdom of both your heart and your head for wiser decision making.

    • Phase II – The Wisdom of Your History – This session gracefully releases the grip on old stories so that the wisdom of those experiences can come into your awareness, promoting greater awareness, self direction and self support.

  • Session 2 combines Phase III and Phase IV

    • Phase III – Radiate Core Energy – The radiating of your core energy encourages you to be present in a strong, dynamic way and to experience new understandings and insights into your soul’s unique expression.

    • Phase IV – Energetic Accomplishment – In this balancing, many of your habitual worries and fears release, supporting you to empower our dreams and direct the energy into those things you most want to have in your life.

This package includes the 2 sessions and the Spiral Sweep Guided Meditation. Doing the Spiral Sweep Meditation before doing the session is what I recommend, but it’s not mandatory. It would be like combing your hair before you braid it in order to get the little kinks and tangles out in preparation.