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Quantum Touch Healing Workshop
Nov 9th & 10th

Join us this weekend to learn the basics of energy healing and how to work with your energy for greater health and well-being. With plenty of hands-on time and small class size, you will have the time and space to ask your questions and learn this useful skill. No experience is needed; just a curious beginners mindset.

Empowering Your Desire
Anytime You Choose

Create a Map of your desire, moving it from possibility to probability. You will gain clarity on the necessary components and energetically enhance each part, each piece of the map. Learn this process to use over and over to enhance the power of all that you desire.

EASE - Energetics And Self Empowerment
Nov 4th, 11th, 18th 25th

Where’s the peace? The calm? The ease and joy? Join us in this self-care series to learn how to manage your life in a more balanced way using holistic principles. Each class includes self care tools, an energy session to clear, clean and align different areas of your energy systems and a discovery sheet.



Pain, tension, irritability and fatigue are just a few indicators that something needs attention. Let us release the restrictions, create deep peace and allow for healing, balance and wellness to thrive in your systems. Or use it as a fabulous preventative approach to your well-being. Or to grow more energetically aware and therefore more empowered. Create your New Normal. Let me know what you need; maybe I can help.


Restoring Balance & Flow

We need balance and flow in our lives to maintain our health & well-being. Just like nature, we need time for stillness and activity, for introspection and expression. When the flow is disrupted - which could be experienced as pain, emotional turmoil, confusion, overwhelm, lethargy, anxiety, inability to slow down or express one self … any kind of dis-ease - it can get stuck which keeps the dis-ease activated. Too many people think pain and high stress are normal. I would say it is natural, but not normal. The discomfort is a calling for more assistance. Are you listening? May I help? The primary way I assist is to work with the energy to release the stuck or tangled areas supporting you to let it go, heal and balance. Would that be beneficial for you?



What does ‘Living a Good Life’ mean to you? Greater Health & Well Being?  Creative Expression?  Joyful Laughter?  Wholehearted Living? Community? It varies person to person, but what remains consistent is the fact that you are energy and as you learn to work with it more consciously, you will find more enthusiasm for living and for creating YOUR Good Life, whatever that may mean to you. How would it feel to have more Goodness everyday?


Being More You

Your relationship to yourself is paramount. There may be a longing to express yourself in new ways, to step out in a fresh direction, to create better self care habits and routines, to fall in love with nourishing foods or to find fun new ways to move your body. Are you allowing yourself these options? As Thurman said

Don’t just ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and then go and do it, because what he world needs is people who have come alive.

Would you like to express more of your Aliveness? I offer several Guided Discoveries that may assist you along your path, whether that is to create a powerful map of intention or aligning your energies to access more of your innate intelligence. If you aren’t sure what would be most helpful, please ask. May these serve you well.



As you begin to express greater balance in your life through holistic self care, energy management and inner connectedness, you will naturally bring more joy, laughter and happiness into your life, along with greater clarity, presence and inspiring successes. Your unique gifts and talents will emerge even more strongly. And as a result of that, you will blossom into more of who you truly are - a being that is gracious & strong, peaceful & courageous, joyful & engaged, humble & brilliant and actively participating to build your inner sanctuary and bring about the things that matter most to you. I can assist you along your journey.