Introductory Video of UCL

Enjoy this brief overview about an aspect of our human anatomy called the UCL (Universal Calibration Lattice) which is utilized by the EMF Balancing (ElectoMagnetic Field Balancing) technique.

This is an approach to restoring energy balance that is somewhat different from other types of energy work. While most alternative healthcare sessions are focused on bringing about some type of emotional or physical healing, the EMF balancing technique is aimed at restoring the proper flow of energy through the electromagnetic field in order to achieve a proper balance.

This work, developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, is practiced in more than 70 countries around the world. I am an Instructor and Practitioner of this work, offering private Sessions, Trainings & Workshops and Guided Discoveries.


Energetic Spring Cleaning

Restoring clean, clear energy flow. Spring is a time of renewal. A time to awaken from the depth of winter with the seeds of possibility preparing to sprout. And a bit of spring cleaning always brings freshness to the situation. Here is your opportunity to clear, clean and freshen up your energy field. Achieve deep stress reduction and relaxation. Recharge your energy centers for greater clarity and focus. Balance and harmonize your chakras for greater peace and empowerment. Deepen energetic connections to the Earth and your Infinite Self. Clear out the old (fears, habits, patterns) and de-tangle your energetic pathways so you can enjoy more energy and enthusiasm as you step into the times to come. More Information


Aligning with the New Energies

These are guided activation meditations to assist in aligning with the new energies now available and to strengthen your Innate Intelligence. We are saying yes to activating the new energetic foundations of greater wisdom and integrity, freedom and love. As we deepen into new levels of our own empowerment, it naturally assists others to step into their empowerment as well. More Information


Taking Charge of Your Energy

As a collective we have become masters at misery and pain. Many are now choosing differently and beginning to practice their mastery of joy and happiness. Is there a place in your life where you could use help in focusing your energy? This is a guided meditation with contemplation prompts, so you may pause the audio to journal or listen straight through. More Information


Empowering Your Desires

I will walk you through a process of developing your desire from possibility to probability. You will clarify and become aware of the important components needed to co-create your reality. You will see what you need to receive, to do, what support you have, what is in the way and more. This includes instructions, map layouts and an Express Activation to strengthen your sense of self. More Information


Generating Joy

Generating Joy: Release the Struggle, Embrace the Mystery is a collection of some of my writings, designed to help you pause and reflect. You can simply open the book to any page to find a nugget that just may suit you well in that moment. The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Good Reads. Sample Pages