I have been in the healing arts for many years and the work with Suzanne as been gentle, in depth and long lasting. The old response to stress (chronic, intermittent shoulder pain – 8 years) does not reoccur.
— MM, Oregon

This work allows my body to reach a level of relaxation never experienced before in any previous bodywork I’ve had. I’m impressed with Suzanne’s desire for me to maintain the benefits of the session long after the session is over.
— VA, Washington

Suzanne’s work has very powerful effects for such a light touch. After having back pain for several years, I was amazed at the quick improvements after only a few sessions.
— TI, Washington

Shortly after meeting Suzanne, I knew she was the right therapist for me. Suzanne’s compassion and caring are just a few of her outstanding qualities.
— KB, Oregon

After 9 years of painful back spasms and numerous sessions of various types of bodywork, I was very pleased to finally get the relief I had been seeking. This work proved to both highly effective and amazingly gentle. Never have I had so much gain with absolutely no pain.
— MS, Washington

Suzanne’s healing work is remarkable. I have received numerous sessions of EMF and other energy work from her and have experienced great results. She has exceptional training in EMF work and is a capable, sensitive and gifted hands-on healer. I highly recommend her.
— OS, Oregon

The EMF Balancing sessions that I have received from Suzanne have provided me with a clarity and inner strength to move forward and let go of past issues that have held me hostage ... free at last!
— CA, Washington

Suzanne’s work has always been gentle and effective. As one who has been in the healing arts for over 20 years, I am most excited by the EMF sessions. I consider it to be the missing link I have been looking for. It has been my experience that the work Suzanne provides, together with my intention, allows the opportunity for healing on all levels.
— CM, Healer, Washington

I am transported to a magical place as warm and soothing and fragrant as you could ever imagine. I am filled with a sense of peace and well being that nourishes my soul.
— Cheryl, Oregon

Suzanne you are a very patient teacher, open to the student and offer respect, honor and love with your teaching. I felt that where ever I was (emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically) was just as valuable as anything else. Thank you.
— sk, washington

Suzanne presented the (Quantum Touch) workshop in an easy to understand and practical format. She is a natural teacher filled with lightness, joy, delightful sense of humor and loving authenticity! Thank you!
— Sue, Idaho

Suzanne is an excellent Quantum Touch teacher. I’ve taken the class from her twice and have learned enough to affect my work for many years. She is able to impart information and skills to her students through the classes she teaches.
— Orice, Oregon

Suzanne is knowledgeable, respectful and very interested in how participants felt with each practice. Giving helpful advice on how to deal with sensations.
— Ute, Idaho

Suzanne is an incredibly kind, thoughtful and enthusiastic instructor that created a loving space to nurture the learning experience with these new techniques.
— Jackie, Idaho
I appreciate Suzanne’s non-threatening approach and patience.
— Bob, Oregon