8 Express Adaptability - Knees, Calves & Feet

8 Express Adaptability - Knees, Calves & Feet


Adaptability and flexibility assists you to grow into the more that you know you are. Are you resisting change? Or wish you could go with the flow a bit more? You want to stay on your path, but it’s wearing you down. What do you stand for?

After Session Page is for you to use after doing this activation. Completely optional, of course. Audio is 9 min in length.

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E-motions, energy in motion, are powerful things. Like any force of nature, they can be tender and loving, wild and raging or somewhere in between.

When you express an emotion, certain chemicals are released in your body. For example, stressful emotions increase cortisol (causing issues like hypertension) whereas happier emotions increase endorphins (relieves pain, boosts immune system). The state of your emotions can keep you in a specific chemical alignment.

When you choose your emotions and activate those chemicals, you create a preferred state of being.  As you choose your preferred emotions with greater consistency, you affect your biochemistry, the chemistry of body. You feel happier, more energized and optimistic. You may also choose a state of being, like Presence or Patience or Compassion … for these too evoke positive emotions. These activations will help you align with your parasympathetic nervous system (which calms and relaxes).

The sessions are called Express Activations. Why Express? One meaning of express is fast, or quick, and these can work quickly in your daily life. And they are about Expressing more of who you are with greater awareness. How would it feel to Express with more clarity and ease, grace and style?

Each activation includes an activation audio (9 – 11 minutes in length) that works with your energy systems and a journal page to work with afterwards. Please allow time to sit in the energy after the activation and express what you are choosing to commit to – some like to draw, some doodle and some write. Or perhaps a walk in nature, singing or dancing is what you need.

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