Empowering Your Desires

Going through the process of creating this map will assist you in clarifying your thoughts and organizing your energy towards the fulfillment of your intention.

You are the one that needs to manage your energy, make your choices and take your actions. This will help you see what needs to happen.

Your thoughts, words, intentions, actions and emotions all generate energy charges. How do you utilize and spend your energy? What are you feeding and keeping alive - if 50% of your energy is feeding old fears, old stories, old wounds, you only have 50% for living your life and that may not be enough for forward movement.

I will walk you through the steps of creating your map. Included are:

  • Instructions for filling out each section of your map

  • Blank maps for you to create upon

  • Express Activation (guided meditation) for the Heart of the Solar Plexus, your sense of uniqueness and self worth. This is our power center where we personalize an experience, feeling or idea and where creative ideas can grow into unique contributions.

If you feel rattled or off center before you begin this, I would suggest listening to the following 15 minute meditation to calm and center you. And then move on to create your map.

Einstein said that the height of madness is to continue to do the same thing you’ve always done and expect different results. Is it time to create anew?

Empowering Your Desires
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