Aligning with the New Energies

In these times of change, it can be quite beneficial to align with the new energy now available to us as we step into our next project, adventure … or life. Our life can then hold more grace and ease, more fulfillment and joy as you live more closely aligned with your Innate Intelligence.

Within your energy body are your unique combinations of symbols and patterns making you the unique being you are, much like your fingerprints differentiate you from another.

This body of work grew out of the classic EMF (electro-magnetic field) Balancing work that I have been teaching for many years.  These octahedron templates were worked with in the EMF Balancing sessions, but now we can work more specifically with them and at a new level.

You do not need to have done the EMF Balancing sessions to benefit from these sessions.

This new body of work is called The Templates of New Balance and is composed of 36 octahedron templates of light and energy. The templates hold patterns of energetic coherence designed to support the next steps of becoming who you truly are.

The energy radiating from 2 four-sided pyramids joined together at the base represents the foundations for manifesting “as above so below” in the new energy.


There is so much more to you than you know or see; there is so much more in the collective than we know or see.

As you choose to learn and grow in an upward spiral of evolving patterns and new energetic perspectives, you see clearly the patterns of old ways that are no longer appropriately active in your life. With pure power and choice, you are now free to practice more appropriate actions. You are the co-creator of your own life!

These are offered as distant sessions as well as Guided Discoveries. If you have questions, please ask. They do not need to be done in any particular order. If it is calling to you, give it a try. If you are excited about utilizing more of the energy now available to us, I’m sure you’ll love it.


#1 HeartMind Coherence

This will open a flow of wisdom and love which sets a foundation for the next level of mastery that is possible for you and many more of our family of humanity. In this session, you agree to increase the energies of balance and commitment in the evolutionary expression of your intellect and intuition. Together, we will affirm in our collective experience “I Am Awake and Aware!

#2 History’s Wisdom

Experience a peaceful sense of empowered confidence as you integrate your talents, skills and abilities in the strength of your Innate Intelligence. Activations in this template bring a deep, quiet power as you freely express more of who you are. The resonances of the wisdom of the heart and the sense of Self are finely tuned in this template.

#3 Connected Core Energy

Activating and tuning these two templates strengthens your co-creative resonance and increases your energetic presence here on the planet. The energies of the earth and the stars become more accessible to your conscious mind. Radiating throughout the Core of your being, Innate Intelligence increases your ability to communicate multidimensionality in a more meaningful way as you are “on the go” in your daily life. As above, so below.

#4 Future Potential

The structure of this Octahedron represents the overall framework for building your resonance of Mastery. This template is filled with the potential of the passion and compassion that has brought you to this moment in time and space. In this session, there is a merging and integration of energy and information that will further assist you in successfully being home, right here right now. A new "starting place" is empowered!

#5 Infinite Love

An initiation into a new level of spiritual growth. The inspiration from the energy of love that continues infinitely is aligned with your Innate Intelligence. While asking how, who, and what do you serve, this energy session will focus on the alchemy of heart centered presence for living energetically aware and being in service.

#6 Infinite Compassion

Give new form to co-creating your mission in life and new ways of living your dream. As a Master in Practice you continue to evolve and, in the balance of giving and receiving, your energy of compassion increases exponentially. The focus of this energy session is to open the flow of pure power so that you may follow through and co-create with deep, action-packed compassion!

#7 Infinite Presence

You are invited to be fully present, moment to moment in now time, as much as you can possibly be. This energy session will focus on the magic of full presence and completeness, while beginning anew at the same time. You are magically multidimensional!

#8 Infinite Wisdom

Higher Power anyone? You will consciously merge and tune the energies of light within your brain with the energy of your Innate Intelligence. The resonance of the master frequency of 44 and the practical application of this energy is the focus of this energy session. New wisdom equals new ways of Being, and that is good for all of us!

#9 DNA Communication

The 12 layers of DNA are the focus of this energy session, as the Universal Human Template responds to the resonance of the 44. Within all of your energy patterns, the frequency of freedom is empowered in alignment with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual expression of who you are now.

#10 Be the Nurturing Parent

Your foundations of life transform when you recognize the archetypes of mother and father contained within. This energy session is very supportive, as you begin to “parent” yourself in the light of this new perspective. You will hear yourself more clearly and increase your ability to receive the empowering energy and compassion of Innate Intelligence. Give yourself permission to enjoy the new “tools and toys” in your life and to play in this new time of co-creation.

#11Be the Beloved

When you embrace yourself in the energy of the Universal Beloved, new creativity and the energy of divine unity stimulate new attraction and harmony with “others” who love and see the divine in all. The energy patterns in this energy session open us personally and collectively to the intense frequency of love at the very heart of the Universe.

#12 Be the Evolutionary

Your life is your work; your life is your legacy. What does that mean to you? What does that mean to us?