Aroma Acupoint

Aroma Acupoint Therapy brings the power of nature (Aromatherapy) and the power of touch (Acupressure) together to release restrictions, move energy and generate flow throughout the meridian system which nourishes your entire physical body. You may notice less pain, tension and stress as well as more mobility, flexibility, rate of recovery, inner peace, empowerment and harmony.

Folks find them deeply relaxing and peaceful, which allows for deep healing to occur. You lie on a massage table, fully clothed, while I apply the essential oils to specific points (primarily from elbows to hands and knees to feet). The acupressure is primarily light touch although the effects are deep. This is offered as an in-person session. Sessions are 60 min, $80

Balancing Work

ElectroMagnetic Field Balancing works with an energetic structure known as your Lattice. I offer several ways to work with this aspect of your anatomy, depending upon what your needs and desires are. In person or as distant sessions, 60 min, $80

EMF Balancing Sessions are like a spring cleaning for your Lattice. They clear, clean and strengthen your field so you can stand in your core strength and move forward in a balanced way. You can move on to bring forth more of your desired attributes, such as Honesty, Integrity, Humor, Neutrality .... And there is also the option to work with your Universal or Infinite Self. Some of these are offered as trainings. More information

Express Energy Activation Sessions help you to respond rather than react, so it's a powerful tool for learning to manage your emotions and desires more effectively. No one likes to feel they are at the mercy of their emotions. Or that they will fall into a big, black sink hole if they get too close. Emotions are simply energy in motion, e-motion, and learning how to shift into a state of emotional empowerment can be a very useful skill. Might you be interested in a little emotional alchemy? These are also offered as products so you can activate a change anytime. More information

Tuning the Templates of New Balance works with your unique octahedron shaped templates to turn up the volume of your Innate Intelligence. We are saying yes to activating the new energetic foundations of greater wisdom and integrity, more freedom and love. As we deepen into new levels of our empowerment, it naturally assists others to step into their empowerment as well.  These are also offered as products. More Information

Reflection Session helps your intention move from a possibility to a probability as we clarify and look at the various aspects of what you want to create so you have a clear path forward. May also include Express Activations.

Quantum Touch

While this is commonly called healing work, please realize I am not the one healing you. I am supplying a specific vibration or frequency to support your systems to release the glitches, open and balance areas that have been cut off (often causing you pain or some type of misery to get your attention) and support any level of your being that is in need.

In person or as  distant session, 60 min, $80. This is also offered as a Workshop so you can learn how to do this work yourself.