Session 8: Infinite Wisdom

Session 8: Infinite Wisdom


My Innate Intelligence Tuned to Infinite Wisdom

In this session, you will consciously merge and tune the energies of light within your brain with the energy of your Innate Intelligence.

There are many different ways to express intelligence. You may find yourself expressing new supportive ways of Being and new levels of self-acceptance and self-worth. And as you step more deeply into your wisdom, others are supported to do the same, and that is good for all of us. Audio is 56 min in length.

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In this 8th session, we will be working with the template 11, which begins within your brain, extends up to the Center Above and meets further above.

There are many blessings to experience as you expand your expression of who you genuinely are. Life will continue to become more fulfilling. As you radiate your energy of wholeness and unity your presence becomes more authentic and assists the acceleration of awareness in those around you.

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