Session 7: Infinite Presence

Session 7: Infinite Presence


My Innate Intelligence Tuned to Infinite Presence

You are invited to be fully present, moment to moment in now time, as much as you can possibly be.

This energy session will focus on the value of full presence and completeness, while beginning anew at the same time. Audio is 29 min in length.

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In this 7th session, we will be working with the templates of the feet, templates 9 & 10, which are predominately platinum, however there may also be other colors at different times. What is it to feel the energy of your beautiful, powerful presence? Do you have any sense of how your presence impacts everything around you?

As the Template of Infinite Presence becomes more tuned, you will find yourself more capable of receiving the information you need and deciphering it very quickly. With this increasing presence, there is more power and clarity. Greater clarity leads to greater focus and that leads to the directing of your energy to live your life of choice more joyfully.

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