Session 5: Infinite Love

Session 5: Infinite Love


My Innate Intelligence Tuned to Infinite Love

In this session, the inspiration from the energy of a love that continues infinitely is consciously aligned with your Innate Intelligence.

This energy session will focus on the alchemy of heart centered presence for living energetically aware and being in service. Audio is 40 min in length.

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In this 5th session we will be working with Template 6. This Template starts at the tip of your nose, expands to mid clavicle bones on either side of your throat and then meets beneath your heart center. Within this Template we calibrate, tune, and balance through our heart center, our high heart center, our throat center, all the small energy centers around the mouth, and the energy center at the tip of your nose.  

Energetically, we are developing muscles of light, developing new channels, to reason and express as a multidimensional being. We feel the Innate Intelligence urging us to align our light body and physical body as fully as possible. This process sets in motion an exciting calibration of renewal and regeneration. It is most beneficial for us to become aware of this process and take part in it consciously. There are scientific studies being conducted that confirm we can affect our very DNA through our thoughts, actions, words, and intents. With practice we can become more consistent in this practice of mastery and in our ability to affect our reality including our physical bodies.

The first set of Templates, which we covered in the first 4 sessions, tend to be predominately golden in energy, even as they can change to other colors. Golden energy resonates as a conductor energy for us to channel more of who we are. The Template of Infinite Love is predominately platinum which resonates as an accelerating catalyst for deep transformation.  The resonance of platinum is very pure and generates great strength in this purity.

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