Session 4: Future Potential

Session 4: Future Potential


My Energetic Potential Innately Tuned to the 44

The structure of this Octahedron represents the overall framework for building your resonance of Mastery. This template is filled with the potential of the passion and compassion that has brought you to this moment in time and space.

In this session, there is a merging and integration of energy and information that will further assist you in successfully being home, right here right now. A new "starting place" is empowered! Audio is 50 min in length.

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In this 4th session we will be working with Template 5. This template encompasses the previous four templates beginning in the Center Above, expanding out at the solar plexus and converging at the Center Below.

Template #5 is called the Template of Potential. It is aligned with our entire nervous system to establish coherent awareness that is focused and clear. The new balance of this Template accelerates the transformation of our sense of Self.

Our bodies, our nervous systems, are developing new sensitivities for the new abilities to translate the different forms of intelligence within us. We then express ourselves through a new bandwidth of emotions and evolutionary intelligence. In this whole series of Tuning the Templates of New Balance, we are working with a multidimensional energy activation of the brain, the heart and the solar plexus. We are co-creating a quantum upgrade through our solar plexus, our sense of Self. Sense of Self is becoming stronger and stronger, as we learn to integrate ego and transform ourselves to new levels of wholeness.

It is time for us to trust ourselves to channel through more of our personal power with peace and wisdom, to navigate the energies in these times of change and to navigate the new energies in ourselves.   The Templates work is a meaningful and powerful tool for a hyper coherence. We continue to spiral upwards in the activation of Template #5. This will bring about more clarification and a stronger activation of the first four templates we have worked with. 

Innate Intelligence in daily life tunes us up for the knowledge that’s to come and the knowledge that will help to wisely direct the changes to come. Even your identity is coming into another phase of transformation, moving quickly through old limitations. Letting go of that which no longer serves. These templates help us bring together all the different facets of ourselves, that will support our new lives, our new ways of being. Most importantly there is more unity within our own being.

To work with the Tuning of Template #5 we will begin with the top part of the octahedron and work with the energy centers in that area in this sequence; Center Above, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, High Heart, Heart, and the Solar Plexus.  In the bottom part of the octahedron the sequence will be; Center Below, Feet, Knees, Base of Spine, Sexual Creative, Solar Plexus. We will work with the Solar Plexus twice in this energy session.

There is strength in the master numbers. Number 11 is the first of the master numbers and this resonance brings insightfulness. Number 22 is associated with being a master builder and this resonance brings creativity. Number 33 is often associated with the consciousness of Infinite Love and brings the resonance of nurturing. Number 44 is associated with a level of mastery that is needed now in these times of change and new beginnings. The resonance of 44 brings strength, persistence, and conscious responsibility. The energy of integrity is amplified in this resonance. 

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