Session 3: Connected Core Energy

Session 3: Connected Core Energy


As Above, So Below - Radiating My Tuned Core Energies

Activating and tuning these two templates strengthens your co-creative resonance and increases your energetic presence here on the planet. The energies of the earth and the stars become more accessible to your conscious mind.

Radiating throughout the Core of your being increases your ability to communicate in a more meaningful way as you are “on the go” in your daily life. Audio is 30 min in length.

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In this 3rd session we will be working with Template 3 & 4. The first template for this session begins at your knees, expands at your feet and meets at the center below. And the second template starts at your crown, expands up to your center above and goes into the center above.

These templates are important coherent energy patterns for As Above So Below, radiating your tuned core energy, source energy … within you. They are like energetic antennae, they receive and transmit at the same time.

All of these templates have been part of the EMF Balancing Technique from the beginning and now they now stand on their own. Something is changing because we have changed. We have been able to open new channels within to express our energy in alignment with the power of Infinite Love. It is very important to use these templates now as they will strengthen your ability to channel through that energy of Infinite Love to live in it in a way that we could not before. 

Remember, this energy is transformative, electrical and alive and we are turning up the volume. This is going to bring out the new ways of thinking. Understanding more of what it means to be born of the earth and of the stars, strengthening many layers of the expressions of who we are, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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