Session 11: Be the Beloved

Session 11: Be the Beloved


I AM the Universal Beloved in Innate Intelligence

In this session the Templates that correspond with your physical body from your feet to the top of your head are tuned.

With the guidance of your Innate Intelligence you will have the opportunity to merge your universal male and female energies to activate a sacred union within and become your own Beloved. Audio is 30 min in length.

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In this 11th session, we tune the 11 templates within the core of your being from your feet to the top of your head.

There is a new bandwidth of balance and emotions that are generated in this session when you affirm "I am the Universal Beloved of my own Being and I ..." after each tuning. You may complete this statement any way you would like or leave it open. You may use this statement all day long to grow your self love which then radiates out to all else.

The energy patterns in this energy session open us personally and collectively to the intense frequency of love at the very heart of the Universe.

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