Session 10: Be the Nurturing Parent

Session 10: Be the Nurturing Parent


I AM Innate Intelligence as a Mother/Father Archetype

In this session the Templates beneath your feet are tuned, empowering your Mother/Father archetype. This self nurturing builds stronger foundations within and helps develop new patterns and creative ideas regarding your ability to “parent” yourself with greater wisdom.

As you accept your responsibility for your own expression and education of who you are, your sacred presence on the planet becomes much stronger. Audio is 30 min in length.

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In this 10th session, we tune the 8 templates between your Center Below and your feet. This supports you to transform the patterns and behaviors within you as you choose how to express the mother and father archetypes.

You can “fill in” more of the self-nurturing energies you may have desired when you were younger but did not receive. Or you can strengthen the nurturing energies you did receive and would like to express more strongly in your being now.

Naturally, all that you do for yourself is radiated inward and outward. One of the mantras of this work is; as you do for yourself you do for the collective. 

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