Session 1: HeartMind Coherence

Session 1: HeartMind Coherence


My Awakened Mind Tuned to My Heart Centered Intelligence

This will open a flow of wisdom and love which sets a foundation for the next level of mastery that is possible for you and many more of our family of humanity.

In this session, you agree to increase the energies of balance in the expression of your intellect and intuition. Together, we will affirm in our collective experience “I Am Awake and Aware!” Audio is 25 min in length.

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In Session 1 we will be working with Template 1, which begins at the top of the head, extends out to the shoulders and converges at the heart center.

The templates are similar in shape in all of us. What is different about each template is each one of us has a unique set of symbols, energetic configurations, within the templates that are like our energetic fingerprints. The templates are octahedrons, two four sided pyramids joined together at the base. This geometric pattern, the octahedron, strengthens our alignment and our expression of more of who we are in the new cycles of our life.

It is believed as we work with these templates, being more aware of our own energy and being more aware of our innate intelligence, our physical bodies will go through beneficial transformations. With these activations you are going to innately know what is best for your physical body and your wellbeing and be able to take positive action. 

We speak about the Innate Intelligence or Innate wisdom or simply Innate. What is it? It is that which is natural and instinctive within us. We can experience our natural and instinctive knowledge in many ways in life. We imagine, sense, and theorize there are many kinds of knowledge we have been born with. The desire to open to more knowledge supports us as we come into the time to co-create new ways of living and being in the world.  

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