Moving Forward


It’s a cool Sunday morning. The kind where being cozy and creative fits like a fine leather glove. Music, writing, drawing, cooking … sounds divine. It feels like the first day to really pause since being home. Resettling, catching up with work …. all that … took a week. Today I pause.  We spoke about starting a fire although it looks like it will get back up to 70 later this week, so we may not start a fire … at least not our winter fire; the one that burns steady into spring.
We were so engulfed in big nature; the Alps of Austria, Germany & Switzerland. The waters of lakes and rivers. The lush green rolling hills of grazing cows sounding their cowbells that echoed into the valleys and the beautiful Bavarian styled homes, pristine towns and delectable local foods. The butter …. oh the butter …. I could eat that by the slice, just like cheese.
When I couldn’t pronounce a town, I’d add ‘dorf’ to the end of it and reference The Lord of the Rings. We’d laugh. It was magical. And the long deep tunnels beneath the mountains; surely the dwarf’s live there still. It was surreal in so many ways.
Many evenings we watched the only English speaking program we could get – BBC News and so watched the Senate hearings, feeling the underlying rage, pain and intensity of all of us who have been the recipient of despicable behavior. The darkness is coming to light and we will all process it and move forward in our own ways, stronger than before. As we take a stand for who we are and what we want to create, it will come to pass. I believe this with all my heart.
The contrast was stark. Both realities exist, both are powerful, both stir up deep emotions for me, albeit different ends of the spectrum. Where do I go now? Within. For now.
As our season transitions to the colder, wetter, darker months ahead the natural progression is to slow down, reflect and begin to go within. One of the teachings in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the 5 Elements, which is about flowing with the seasons of life, balancing through and with the natural cycles.
Autumn is the season of the Metal Element. A time that all things ‘fall’ whether it’s the remnants of the garden, leaves on the trees or our energy levels as it organically moves inward, to become more yin, to begin the time of quiet introspection. This is necessary to grieve, realize the gifts, to rest, rejuvenate and deepen our roots so that we have the drive, direction and sustainable energy to spring forth next year.
The primary emotion of this season is grief; appreciating and letting go of what has been. Life is full of losses, some big, some small but in any case, there is some degree of grief with each loss. Some can be completed by allowing the time and space for contemplation. Sometimes journaling and movement is the way to go. Other times you need to be heard, to voice your feelings, to be supported by others.

We run from grief because loss scares us, yet our hearts reach toward grief because the broken parts want to mend. Brene Brown


Grief is a healthy and a natural process but if it continues unabated for a long period of time or is suppressed and denied, it can affect one’s health. Tend to yourself gently with the support you need. Calming and soothing your nervous system is vital. And having healthy boundaries, vital. Do you have tools and ways to do this?

One of the gifts of the season is Acceptance of how things are. That doesn’t mean it’s all ok, it means today this is how things are and how do I want to impact my tomorrow? To create more of the same? To stand strong in healthier boundaries? To unite with others to build a world filled with greater care, connection, creativity and well being? What needs to be let go of; what needs to be strengthened, developed or learned? What will support you, me, all of us to be living more of our deLight?
Once strengthened and balanced physically and emotionally, most people then feel strong enough to make the necessary decisions about and changes to their environment and circumstances. But the first step is for you, for me, for all of us to connect more deeply to our strength, learn how to maintain our balance and manage our energy. And when we step out into the world from THAT place of gentle power and graceful strength, mountains will move.
Contemplate moving into a new normal – what does it look like for you? What do you most desire to express, experience, create and contribute?

What is one thing you can do to let go of something to allow more space for something new or one step towards your desires?

Do that.