Is Your Intuition Speaking?

Many claim that they aren't intuitive. That may be due to their definition of it. Or perhaps they are running too fast to listen to it. Some believe it is a type of magical power that only special folks have.
Let's clear that up right now.
"To intuit means to look upon, to instruct from within, to understand or learn by instinct. And instinct refers to a learning we are born with. So intuition is the very personal way we listen to the Universe in order to discover and rediscover the learnings we are born with. As such, intuition is a deep form of listening that when trusted can return us to the common, irrepressible element at the center of all life and to the Oneness of things that surrounds us, both of which are at the heart of resilience."                  from Seven Thousand Ways To Listen
So it's a natural part of who we are. And I bet you use yours quite often, even if you may not label it as such.

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Creating Quiet

It’s so easy to be highjacked by the constant flow of thoughts, the fast pace of busy lives, an overfull plate of commitments.  And it’s so important to not give way to all of that, but to be in charge of how you navigate your world. To be able to step away from the constant activity and into the quiet peacefulness that is necessary for whole health and wellness.

Create gaps within your life that allows your inner voice to be heard, your insights to surface, your spirit to breathe. Here are several ways to give yourself the chance to experience the space between the thoughts to find the peace within.

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Common Ways You Lose Your Self & 3 Quick Energy Practices to Return and Regroup

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You may think there is nothing you can do except avoid or endure these situations, but that's not true. You can take charge of your energy and choose how to better use it.

Energy management may sound like some weird made up term, but what I've seen is that until someone understands how they're utilizing their energy it can be very difficult to navigate well in the world.

That's because our habitual ways of thinking and doing things consume energy, and if a large part of your energy is going into feeding other people or old hurts or an abundance of shoulds, there may not be much left for you to engage your life with.

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Uniquely You


You are unique and offer something no one else can.

We may do the same things, but the results will vary. Why? Think of our hands – they are very similar in design yet when you look closely, they are indeed different. Similar in structure but varied in detail.

You and I may create the same things but because of who we are, we each offer a flavor of creativity and brilliance that is uniquely ours. And our particular flavor blends with the task at hand to alter the end result, if ever so slightly.

So rather than competing, let us celebrate that which we share and that which differentiates us from one another. Let us honor one another as the unique beings we truly are.