I don’t claim to be an artist but I do enjoy creative outlets and have been nurturning that part of myself for a while now. This slideshow is a collection of some of the little art pieces that I have left, anomously, around town. I leave them on windshilds, on tables at the coffee shop, at the library and grocery store.

I do it because it brings deLight into my life to create them and turn them loose in the world. It is my hope that they bring a smile, a moment of contemplation, a timely reminder. But who know …

The reason I am sharing them here is to remind all of us that random acts of kindness are joyful to give and receive. One could simply write ‘you matter’ on a piece of paper and I would bet that the person who receives it would be touched. It’s the energy that matters and the spirit in which it is given.

So if you feel called, leave a few little kind notes around town and notice how that feels to you. A little harmless mischief is always a great fun.

Big love to you…