The Balancing Work

This is a body of work that assists us along our path of opening to and managing more of our energetic nature to know and be more of our Whole Selves.

It's about empowerment and consciousness,  love of self and humanity, living our truth and in connection with our innate intelligence.

Is it time to deepen your connection within to access more your own guidance? Is it time to move forward? I offer sessions, classes and professional trainings. This video was created by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the originator of this work, and whom I've worked with for many years.

Tuning  the Templates for New Balance works with the octahedron shaped templates within your energy field, so that you can flow and utilize more of the energy now available to us. The templates help us stay strong as we open to more energy and navigate the chaos and change in our lives.  The tunings (the classes) are not interactive but structured more like guided meditations.  The entire series is 12 but you can do one, two or more as you choose. They can also be done as private sessions. More information

You may choose one, a few or all of the sessions in any series.