Fresh Living


The shifts upon us now are calling for fresh ways of being. We are being called to be bold and courageous; to take on the deeper journey of expressing our truer nature. And yet, what does that mean? Who are we at those deeper levels?

Do you sense an inner unrest? A sense of dis – ease that may feel like anxiety, irritability, indecisiveness or perhaps a lack of enthusiasm in general. Do you long for a feeling of aliveness, of passion that enlivens your whole being, of having a deep sense of satisfaction and connection in your life?

While horrific events are brought to our attention, there is a bigger, deeper, more powerful goodness going on. Humanity is waking up to what matters, to what has meaning, to what contributes in a positive way. We are creating a world of our choosing through our thoughts, beliefs and actions. We may not choose all that occurs in our life, but we can choose how we respond to it, the meaning we make of it and what we do with it going forward. We are far more powerful than we tend to believe, and it is time to acknowledge it, own it and become our full Self.

Stand in your gentle power, your gracious strength, and I will stand in mine … with you. Let us continue to do good things!